The Neighborhood, a ministry of Missouri United Methodist Church, resides in the heart of Columbia’s downtown neighborhood.

We’re surrounded by the hustle and bustle of campus life at the University of Missouri, Columbia College and Stephens College.

As much as our name is indicative of our physical location, it is representative of the commandment Jesus gives in Luke 10:27. It is in that verse that we’re instructed to uphold the greatest commandment of all – love God, love neighbor.  

Our mission is simple: we want people to grow into an authentic, lifelong relationship with Jesus and one another.

Our Vision


Question Everything. Love God. Love Neighbor.

Question Everything:
We know that following Jesus can be confusing, challenging, and downright hard at times. And we know that often when we turn for guidance, we’re left with more questions than answers.


We encourage you to ask questions. Wrestle with God for the answers you’re seeking. We want to help you uncover a lasting, personal relationship with Jesus. And it’s often in those moments of questioning that we encounter Jesus in a very real way.