What to Expect


 In The Neighborhood, we don’t think faith should be a ‘one-hour-a-week’ kinda thing.

We believe that there’s a space for faith in every area of our lives. We recognize, however, that your schedule is busy and ever-changing; blocking out the same hour weekly for church can feel a bit impractical. That’s why we take a different approach.

We host four Crews every week. These are small, student-led gatherings that meet at various times and places around campus. Each Crew covers the same material. That gives you the option to attend the Crew that best fits your schedule that week. While we recommend attending the same Crew as consistently as possible, this format lets you be in control of what time works best for you.


moumc photo

Tuesday, 7:00PM

Missouri UMC - NBRHD Space

Leaders: Keisha and Olivia

memorial union photo

Wednesday, 4:15PM

Memorial Union

Leaders: Ellen and Emma

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Thursday, 11:00AM

Missouri UMC

Leaders: Jacob and Lexie

Neighborhood Crews are small, student-led gatherings that meet throughout the week. Every Crew covers the same material, so you can pick the one that best fits your schedule that week. Don’t see a time that works for you? Let us know!

All Crews operate on a come-as-you-are basis. There’s no homework – just show up ready to connect! We will spend some time catching up, and then dig into the lesson together. Crews typically last an hour, and take on a discussion-based model around relevant topics.




All-Crew means just that - all of us together! At the beginning of each new series, we gather as a large group to kick everything off. Normally scheduled Crews are canceled that week.

All-Crew Gatherings are special because they’re different every time. From guest speakers to service opportunities, these are nights you won’t want to miss!

Because we gather in small groups throughout the week, we want to make some time for us to interact with one another. All-Crew Gatherings only occur before each new series, or once every 6 weeks. So, make sure to keep an eye on our social media for any updates on when the next gathering is! You can find out how to connect with us here.